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Mike Spires
Mike Spires 17 orë më parë
The blue bloods are taken hold of the future
drwinstonOboogi 17 orë më parë
Of the 50 greatest college football teams ever (ESPN) SEC teams combine to have 9 of the 50 Oklahoma and Texas combine to have 13 of the 50 Those saying Oklahoma and Texas won't be great in the SEC need a reality check.
Mike Patterson
Mike Patterson 17 orë më parë
Let's just go ahead and add THE OSU and Clemson and let the rest fend for themselves:-)
MinisterManDan 18 orë më parë
Fox is such a colossal failure as a sports network that they may have killed college football as we know it.
Daryl Robinson
Daryl Robinson 18 orë më parë
I'm a Tennessee fan and yes we have sucked for a while. With that being said I would absolutely love this move as a fan. Getting to travel to Texas for a conference game or having Texas come to Neyland will be epic. The same said for Oklahoma.
Js Hooper
Js Hooper 18 orë më parë
Berry Tramel says "Last 11 years" in regards to Texas...so he can conveniently avoid our dominance from 2002 - 2009 with 2 National Championship appearances. Texas has played for a National Championship more recently than OU.
Beauchni Cherubin
Beauchni Cherubin 17 orë më parë
Ou played Florida in the chip 😢
NotYourPuppet 18 orë më parë
Has Texas played in the playoffs yet?
Giovanni Carbajal
Giovanni Carbajal 18 orë më parë
Lmao poor booger. Good one ESPN
zacharylansing 18 orë më parë
Barry Tramel!!
Glenn Lewman
Glenn Lewman 18 orë më parë
The Big 12 will survive, UT and OU have to pay the Big 12 100 Million $. You do not have complete with the conferences ahead of you. You need to make sure you are not passed by conferences below you. Take the best teams from the MWC and the AAC and BYU and no conference can pass you bye.
Wesley Gross
Wesley Gross 18 orë më parë
As a :Longhorn fan and family for 100+ years.... this is a good thing... Texas and OU joining the SEC will work.... hopefully, Texas doens't mess this up.... looking at you Deloss Dodds!
Jay 18 orë më parë
To be honest, the recruiting landscape would even out a little more with this move, kid's would stay in state a lot more than before.
MegaSlowe 18 orë më parë
Noon kickoffs generally suck. If you're playing Lehigh Valley Tech, and you're an Alabama or Ohio State, then yeah, drop the beat down and get on with the day. But putting Ohio State vs. Oregon as a noon kickoff for a PAC-12 school is amazingly stupid. When's the last time you ever saw a marquee game in the SEC start at noon? But the B1G does it all the time. The Big 12 does it too.
Ben Perryman
Ben Perryman 18 orë më parë
Yea but the thing is FLA is in the SEC as well and we get recruits from that state all the time 😂
Michael K
Michael K 18 orë më parë
Js Hooper
Js Hooper 18 orë më parë
Finebaum is such an unnecessarily snobby little troll. The Red River Rivalry is one of the top 3 games in every college football season. It's so deeply ingrained in to his SEC DNA to pretend not to care about anything outside of their world. Now that we're joining their world he still can't change his mindset.
John Hamer
John Hamer 18 orë më parë
Hey Booger… what happened to your MNF gig??
Preston Master
Preston Master 18 orë më parë
Berry Tramel baby!
ghogue61 18 orë më parë
I think Berry Tramel's take is pretty on point.
drwinstonOboogi 18 orë më parë
Oklahoma and Texas have entered the transfer portal.
Traphouse Boomin
Traphouse Boomin 18 orë më parë
Lisa Bayhi
Lisa Bayhi 18 orë më parë
As a fan of the SEC, I don't want two more teams.
R W 18 orë më parë
It better be a done deal because the Big 12 is already dead.
Bill P
Bill P 18 orë më parë
It sucks
Cody #Warhawk
Cody #Warhawk 18 orë më parë
In five years, I don't think the Big 12 will exist anymore.
GHOST LEGIT 18 orë më parë
@jogger1987 why so both of those teams can get dominated by Clemson?
jogger1987 18 orë më parë
Agree and depending on when they move to the SEC, even SOONER hehe. I'm guessing the 10 teams left break into Pac12, Big 10, and ACC. The other option would be some Power 5 teams get brought into the Power 5 Big 10 to become Big 12 such as Houston, Cincy, UCF in some as potential programs. I hope ACC get's Ok State and West Virginia.
Rufeoxero 18 orë më parë
Berry Tramel is also a jackass
The Chosen 1
The Chosen 1 18 orë më parë
They don’t want none with that sec smoke .
Luke Madsen
Luke Madsen 18 orë më parë
red river name was changed for the simple fact, that on that day they held "The World Series Of Dice". The man who was shot was Leonard Washington trying to be King of the "Click-Clack"!
Grant Wiley Esq.
Grant Wiley Esq. 18 orë më parë
WVU to the ACC or BIG!! Please let it happen!
Grant Robey
Grant Robey 18 orë më parë
Hey A&M, your big brother’s coming back😏
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 18 orë më parë
Ross a 1st rd pick. JAX will pick him
Shane White
Shane White 18 orë më parë
Well that sounds about right as an iowa state fan... ain't that a kick in the mouth
TomWatsonB1 18 orë më parë
Oklahoma State simply despises the Sooners even more now. That's the answer. And, whatever conference the Cowboys end up in, assuming they aren't in the SEC, they will very likely not want to play non-conference games with the Sooners. Why would they?
Palermo Trapani
Palermo Trapani 18 orë më parë
@Lake Brecheen Would it smooth political issues if OU/Ok. State play every year as an OOC game? From what I have read in various SEC media, it looks like 9 League Games and if a 12 game schedule is still in play, SEC teams will still need 3 OOC games.
Lake Brecheen
Lake Brecheen 18 orë më parë
@TomWatsonB1 Football is absolutely everything. Anyone who says it isn’t is because they aren’t towards the top of football. Football runs everything, and allows all other sports to exist. I’ll miss bedlam but come on it was 90-18-7. Oklahoma State will be fine anyways so don’t get all that upset. You could be in a lot worse situation compared to some other Big 12 schools.
TomWatsonB1 18 orë më parë
@Dirk Ketron Plenty of people care that Oklahoma State is being left behind. Not to mention, football isn't everything.
Dirk Ketron
Dirk Ketron 18 orë më parë
Nobody cares. Was a pretty lopsided "rivalry" anyway.
Peddy Tendergrass
Peddy Tendergrass 18 orë më parë
Every team wants to be able to recruit and be Alabama. Saban didnt ask for the changes in the last 10 years but it seems to fall upon his shoulders. If the Tide keeps status, blame the other 130 teams, not one guy or program.
Jake Snow1
Jake Snow1 18 orë më parë
Nobody would blame him lol they would blame the decision makers of college sports
AJ 18 orë më parë
He’s not wrong…
jjakejones 18 orë më parë
If Ohio State, ND, Clemson, USC join SEC, we would have completely ruined college football.
Chris_P_Bacon 18 orë më parë
Josh comes from a solid winning tradition at Oklahoma, and he's won everywhere he's been. However, He's walked into a tough situation at Tennessee. I wish him luck.
Kobe Neal
Kobe Neal 18 orë më parë
Oklahoma would dominate the sec
Don Jarrett
Don Jarrett 17 orë më parë
@Kobe Neal ,you will see if they dominate,be some good games,wait to they go to some of these sec camps on Saturday night.every week.but I love it for Ok,Tx. Welcome,Roll tide.
Johnny Johns
Johnny Johns 17 orë më parë
@Quinton chapman Texas beat Georgia. Oklahoma dominated Florida and Auburn in their bowl games 2016 season and 2020 season. Oklahoma also beat Alabama 3 of the last 4 meetings. And they beat Tennessee the last two times they played each other.
Tim G
Tim G 18 orë më parë
@Michael Pahsetopah silly, silly. You have no clue about the grind.
Johnny Johns
Johnny Johns 18 orë më parë
As an Oklahoma fan I don't think we will "dominate" the SEC but I do think we will compete for the conference Championship just like Georgia LSU Florida and Alabama. I'm just glad to have some great football games in Norman again. These 11am kickoffs suck.
fermis paradox1
fermis paradox1 18 orë më parë
@Kobe Neal nothing but a reload
NickPapaGiorgioFromYuma 18 orë më parë
If they play defense maybe
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 18 orë më parë
No QB, RB, DBs
pnut3844able 18 orë më parë
WVU to the ACC
Jay 18 orë më parë
@Carroll Shipley I think it happens this time around, it makes too much sense, especially geographicly speaking for WV.
CA1M K 18 orë më parë
I think Is and wvu should go to the acc
Carroll Shipley
Carroll Shipley 18 orë më parë
I don’t think the ACC wants them
Avatar of 2000
Avatar of 2000 18 orë më parë
They shoulda done that a longtime ago
A Fridge Too Far
A Fridge Too Far 18 orë më parë
His mom is hot!!!
Tobin Bradshaw
Tobin Bradshaw 18 orë më parë
Well maybe with so many championships it's time to evolve to continue greatness.
Kobe Neal
Kobe Neal 18 orë më parë
Ou would steal Alabama recruits if they put them in the SEC
Patrick Mosley
Patrick Mosley 17 orë më parë
CirculateWealth 18 orë më parë
They were never your friends that said PacTech
James Campbell
James Campbell 18 orë më parë
Oklahoma and Texas just kept ESPN from bankruptcy
Antonio Russell
Antonio Russell 18 orë më parë
This destroys FOX and the Big 10
J.R. Eaves
J.R. Eaves 18 orë më parë
Real talk peemp
James 18 orë më parë
I really hope he’s the guy that gets it done, but man, it’s a tough sell
Upshaw Real Estate, Whittington Realty; OKC
Of course they’re going to be disappointed. What are the other big 12 schools supposed to say “oh we’re so happy for Ou and Texas in their next adventures?” Lol
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 18 orë më parë
Shailon Noelle
Shailon Noelle 18 orë më parë
U must not be familiar with notre dame politics.
Jammin 18 orë më parë
I want you to realize it benefits ou more than it benefited a&m. A&M had a an average 6 win record in the b12 but as soon as they stepped in the SEC. the recruiting process sky rocketed. And they got better. In fact they went 11-2 in the sec. and they never once stooped under 7 wins since joining. And a&m was a bottom feeder team in the b12. Now imagine a dog like ou stepping in the sec. with their resume. and rarely go 8-4 in the b12. The same with a&m they’ll get better and recruit better. They already recruit well. Having SEC on their Jersey literally boosts recruiting. They’ll be fine
SWAC BUZZ 19 orë më parë
What if FSU and OSU was to go into the SEC to make it 18?
Jay 18 orë më parë
Not gonna happen, OSU has it made in the BIG10.
Paul 18 orë më parë
Tiny markets
Tyler Gordon
Tyler Gordon 18 orë më parë
Nobody cares about Florida state other then Florida state
Yakov Koman
Yakov Koman 18 orë më parë
I laughed at this harder than I probably should have
Peddy Tendergrass
Peddy Tendergrass 18 orë më parë
Fresno State and Oregon State?
Coy Howard
Coy Howard 19 orë më parë
Texas destroyed the big 12 ten years ago when it ran off 3 of the original big 8 members and A&M with their tv contract. That school is cancer and hope they realize that going 6-6 in the sec every year is Karma
Roderick Thompson
Roderick Thompson 19 orë më parë
Berry Tramel big time yeah represent Oklahoma!!
Tobin Bradshaw
Tobin Bradshaw 19 orë më parë
Marshall Jankins
Marshall Jankins 19 orë më parë
Tramel has always gotten on our nerves here in Oklahoma...
Peter Gardipee
Peter Gardipee 17 orë më parë
I was just thinking the same, but the truth is that he has often proved out to be right when he has irritated me. And agree with him or not, he seems to be a straight-shooter.😎
Danny Lufthansa
Danny Lufthansa 18 orë më parë
Especially westbrooks nerves
Mongoose3011 18 orë më parë
Jay 19 orë më parë
Potential conference realignment: ACC: ND and WV BIG10: Iowa State and Kansas PAC12: TCU and Oklahoma state AAC: Baylor and Texas Tech MWC: Kansas State
Jay 18 orë më parë
@Colin Schenck if that's the case, maybe Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU and Oklahoma state all head to the PAC12 unless the BIG12 can get Houston, SMU and some others to join in, lot's of possibilities, it's going to be interesting to say the least.
T McC 18 orë më parë
@Brendan Leal awful for football though. But geographically makes sense.
Colin Schenck
Colin Schenck 18 orë më parë
None of the Texas schools are going to drop to non Power 5 conference.
T McC 18 orë më parë
Probably about right. Pac 12 might take 4.
Jay 18 orë më parë
@Brendan Leal It would make a lot of sense.
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety
Jared Garrett-SocialAnxiety 19 orë më parë
SEC has always ran football, now they are just actually taking over haha. Would be hilarious to have an all sec playoffs haha
T.R.O.Y 18 orë më parë
You do know they have Vanderbilt Tennessee Kentucky South Carolina Mississippi State Ole Miss Arkansas Missouri... the conference is really Alabama Georgia Florida Auburn and the latter two go MIA here and there A&M is still questionable
Keegan Spencer
Keegan Spencer 19 orë më parë
Disagree with Tom I still think that a big 12 comprised of 8 with BYU, UCF, Boise St and Cindy is still 4th best power conference that isn’t an endorsement of the strength of the league more of how abysmal Larry Scott left the state of the PAC12 in rn at this moment
Keegan Spencer
Keegan Spencer 18 orë më parë
@T McC I agree I’m just giving a hypothetical answer
T McC 18 orë më parë
After they leave more teams will also. Some will jump to the p12 ACC and b10. The b12 is done.
Mo Vo
Mo Vo 19 orë më parë
BIG12 is so screwed
Kenny.B US.ArmyWarrior3275
Kenny.B US.ArmyWarrior3275 19 orë më parë
The big 12 ship is sinking..... Nice knowing you.. Hey Texas and Oklahoma it's going to be nice hearing you chant SEC.... Roll Tide!!! But I think both teams will bring stiff competition to the SEC.. I will be looking forward to Oklahoma VS Bama..
Jammin 19 orë më parë
Jumbooo my guy, lets see texas a&m wasnt very good in the big12. Most of the time had 6 wins and 6 losses. did u get bettee while in the SEC ? Yes. But dont act like OU who wins 10-12 games a season is gonna go down. In fact joining the SEC benefits ou greatly. Especially in recruiting. Who doesn’t wanna play for riley in the SEC
Justin Parsley
Justin Parsley 19 orë më parë
ESPN has become so watered down since becoming political.. this is what it looks like when you hire for diversity over talent.
SkadUd1e 19 orë më parë
Bold and Brash. Good taste in art!
Alonzo Lincoln
Alonzo Lincoln 19 orë më parë
The system in college football is broken and now with stranglehold on on college football and basketball and the supreme court making that judgement early this year it's a wrap for the NCAA as a entity.
Peter Southern Boy
Peter Southern Boy 19 orë më parë
Welcome to the Big Boys League
vincent Betts
vincent Betts 19 orë më parë
All this lady says is “my sources, my sources”! Why not get somebody that actually played football and been on the field to give their “expertise”! But I’m sure she has the skills and experience like a linebacker or safety! 👎🏼🤣
Josh Phillips
Josh Phillips 19 orë më parë
I know A&M and Missouri are against it so that's 2 votes for no. Not sure how rest of the SEC feels. If it does happen it'll be interesting to see if Big 12 dissolves in other conferences or do they add AAC teams like Houston, Memphis, SMU, Cincy, maybe UCF. W Virginia is rumored to be talking with the ACC. Pac 12 could add Oklahoma St, TCU, Baylor, and Texas Tech. Iowa St, Kansas, Kansas St join the Big 10 conference although outside of basketball not sure why anyone would want Kansas.
Josh Jones
Josh Jones 19 orë më parë
Oklahoma and Texas to the SEC. PAC 12 will ask Texas Tech, Baylor, and TCU. Big 10 Iowa State, Kansas and Ok State Lot
T McC 18 orë më parë
@CirculateWealth sucks for Baylor. They build a D1 stadium. Build the football program up to compete with Texas ,A&M Oklahoma just to end up playing Cincinnati Tulsa for a mid major bowl game..
T McC 18 orë më parë
WVU and ND will end up in the ACC.
Colin Schenck
Colin Schenck 18 orë më parë
It'll be 2 or 4 teams to the Big 10. Don't want an odd number. TCU back to the MWC
CirculateWealth 18 orë më parë
Baylor AAC or ACC w Notre Dame
D_ Jenkins
D_ Jenkins 19 orë më parë
Somebody will end up in the AAC.
_ CRU 19 orë më parë
She needs to learn what disseminate means.
Paul Puccillo
Paul Puccillo 19 orë më parë
Finebaum has hated on Texas and OU for years. He's a tool
Nick Beef
Nick Beef 19 orë më parë
That sucks. They’re going to have to learn to play in a bloodbath every Saturday.
Nick Beef
Nick Beef 18 orë më parë
@Kyle Collier good one. You’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel now. Mercer could probably compete in the Big 12. 😆
Kyle Collier
Kyle Collier 18 orë më parë
Yeah we would enjoy Mercer in November😂😂
PRESTON Hodge 18 orë më parë
@Jammin the big 12 hasn't always been this way. The big 12 brand was way better when texas was winning. I absolutely Hate them, but any one would be stupid to not see that.
Jammin 19 orë më parë
If that was true, a&m would’ve been garbage the 2nd they stepped foot in the SEC. besides the last two seasons that a&m had in the b12 combined for 10-14. But as soon as a&m stepped in the SEC they went 11-2. And not once has a&m went under 7 wins. in fact they did remarkably better in the SEC than they did in the b12. And in the b12 a&m was mid tier. And well, i dont need to spell it out for u. Because you already know OU’s resume. a top tier, blue blood. Even in a down year still won the b12. they’ll do just fine. In fact it’s beneficial for OU. Much more than it was for a&m
Joe Havens
Joe Havens 19 orë më parë
Since TX screwed up the SWC, leading to the departure of AR and eventually the whole conference folding and then had a repeat performance in the big 12 leading to the departure of NU, MO, and CU, they should be left to die on the vine they created.
ZIEFER604 19 orë më parë
LSU smoked both on the road 2 years ago. You talking about 0 defense taking Alabama, who has a defense? Stop snorting bath salts please.
R. Farciert
R. Farciert 19 orë më parë
Rumors now that the SEC is not only in talks with OU and Texas... they are going after Clemson, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida State.. etc
Woozie 18 orë më parë
Might as well add Oregon and Washington while they're at it
Jay 18 orë më parë
@TonyStewartfan We'll see, i just don't see that happening.
TonyStewartfan 18 orë më parë
@Jay that’s what they want
T McC 18 orë më parë
Osu and Michigan isn't leaving the b10. Osu makes the playoffs every year only having 2 play 2 good teams.
Jay 18 orë më parë
Doesn't make sense for any of those teams to join the SEC, especially OSU, UM and Clemson, this feels like an NCAA Football video game at this point lol
Haitian Slim
Haitian Slim 19 orë më parë
Jackson state to big 12 .. they’re recruiting like big12 teams might as well
Jay 19 orë më parë
There won't be a big 12 left.
Rhino 830
Rhino 830 19 orë më parë
Booger is so full of himself. Didn't care to what he said, but its a business move for both schools.
Jay M
Jay M 19 orë më parë
Lol they trying to go 7-5 every year... Got it