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Paul Finebaum gets FIRED UP about the NCAA Supreme Court ruling | Get Up 

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Heather Dinich, Paul Finebaum and Damien Woody join Get Up to discuss the key notes on the Supreme Court ruling against the NCAA on athlete compensation and what this means for universities.

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Masio Masio
Masio Masio 19 ditë më parë
Should high school players get paid too ?
Masio Masio
Masio Masio 18 ditë më parë
@Jason Harvey Julian Newman 😂
Jason Harvey
Jason Harvey 18 ditë më parë
If they have a massive tv deal and jersey sales yeah
Joel Tilson
Joel Tilson 19 ditë më parë
Why 12 teams? Go for 24 teams playoff, it makes better sense. Division II and Division III already have the 24 team playoff system and it works.
Joel Tilson
Joel Tilson 19 ditë më parë
NCAA Football is a Minor league for the NFL. NCAA is not needed anymore.
Joel Tilson
Joel Tilson 19 ditë më parë
NCAA is in CHAOS, thanks to Mark Emmert. Fire Him Now.
PassionOfJohn 19 ditë më parë
Everyone is making such a big deal. No one is paying athletes to play. The only thing now is if ESPN wants to do a promo of the national championship, they have to pay the player for being in the commercial. Was Peyton Manning a bad QB for being in commercials or having endorsements? The people against this have probably never met a college football player and dont know their situations. It's not like Alabama will pay Bryce Young 1000 per game. CashApp will pay him for his promotion. The kids are still amateurs. I feel like old fuckers are like "athletes are compensated by getting a degree". One, they dont even get to get their dream degrees. If Mac Jones wanted to get a computer science degree, Alabama wouldn't let him because it interferes with him playing. Two, the degrees they get are BS degrees. I ask anyone who is against this to actually talk to a current or former player so they can tell you how shitty it is.
Randy James
Randy James 20 ditë më parë
Pay the players & defund ESPN reporters
James Arnold
James Arnold 20 ditë më parë
If you’re a capitalist, you must agree with the supreme court’s ruling.
FeelingThis09 21 ditë më parë
If you're against ncaa athletes getting paid or being able to profit off their OWN LIKENESS. You are the problem. Grow up
Allen Knott
Allen Knott 22 ditë më parë
Funny, when they talk about this they never mentioned how this would affect non-student-athletes.
Allen Knott
Allen Knott 20 ditë më parë
@DST 23 Any student can make money off of their likeness. The difference is student-athletes are depending upon the university. So, non-student athletes, or regular students is affecting because it giving the student-athletes an EXTRA/INCREASE opportunity that the non-student athletes never had simply because they student-athletes. No other requirement. It is called popularity, which the student-athletes get naturally because they run onto the field. So for example, instead of hiring regular students, now they can pay student-athletes and gain more because of the student-athletes popularity.
DST 23
DST 23 20 ditë më parë
How’s is using your likeness affecting non-student athletes
Marques Murray
Marques Murray 22 ditë më parë
So what do they do when the female softball players have only fans or phub videos?
DG youtube
DG youtube 24 ditë më parë
The end of team sport is over. Human nature greed is going to rule. A star running back will get money how long before the linemen stop blocking.
DG youtube
DG youtube 23 ditë më parë
@GMAMEC it’s like kids now will get a quick education. Scholar ship now will be lord for and anytime a student makes money using the schools trademark or ncaa they are then sued that’s a life lesson. This should be good.
GMAMEC 23 ditë më parë
Blame it on the schools, companies, the NCAA, and capitalism.
hillbilly sceptic
hillbilly sceptic 23 ditë më parë
Until the lineman get paid too
Brendon Severado
Brendon Severado 23 ditë më parë
And then they'll lose their scholarship...
pipestress1 24 ditë më parë
Couldn't have happened to a better bunch of people.
AdamNetherton 25 ditë më parë
Man it's weird how back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's most everyone loved the sport as is and loved the amateur aspect of college sports and never even second guessed it. It's how it's had been for 100+ years. Fast forward 30 years and now people are calling it "work" and thinking of it almost like a job and saying things like "compensation" and "illegal" in sentences. What is happening? Next thing you know people will be asking to pay high school kids to play sports for their high schools. The whole system is breaking into pieces and the NCAA is probably going to end up a useless husk of an entity in the next 10 years or so. Wouldn't be surprised if it goes bankrupt or just disbands completely sometime after that. And college sports will be changed into a form of minor leagues instead.
Paul Blair
Paul Blair 18 ditë më parë
College sports was just as crooked 30, 40, 50 years ago.
AdamNetherton 23 ditë më parë
@E O Sorry. I'm not wrong. lol.
E O 24 ditë më parë
Stfu.. they’re being exploited dipshit.. it’s just facts.. gtfoh
John Dooley
John Dooley 25 ditë më parë
The Board of Regents in his State needs to fire Gordon Gee NOW!! The fact that he claimed that he almost had a heart attack at the thought that majority Black Athletes in FB & MBB have a CHANCE to get paid a fair market rate, means he has some deep rooted biases , his reply had nothing to do with a high paid underperforming white exec in charge of the NCAA, those types can be found anywhere, like the White House the previous 4 yrs Almost had a heart attack, effin' @-hole, fire Gordon Gee!
dancz11 26 ditë më parë
And what of women sports? You know what’s going to be said. They deserve there pay as well. Oh it will happen. Pandora box is open.
Tracy Burns Burns
Tracy Burns Burns 26 ditë më parë
What a mess! I see both sides but figure it out please. RTR🏈
Terry Brunk
Terry Brunk 27 ditë më parë
Wokeness is ruining sports. Paying college players is the dumbest thing that could happen,they aren't Professionals.
GMAMEC 23 ditë më parë
Nothing to do about being “woke”. Blame the boosters, schools, businesses and capitalism. This started when the schools started making billions.These “dumb” athletes understand the lucrative business model in sports. Based on your opinion, no student has the right to work (internships, summer employment in their field, tutoring, self employment via SM etc.). That sounds like a dictatorship and communism.
Gabriel Fiol
Gabriel Fiol 25 ditë më parë
If you watched any other sport outside of football, you'd realize how fucked up the "amateurism" model is and players not being compensated
Person who ain’t me
Person who ain’t me 26 ditë më parë
If they aren’t professionals than why are the coaches paid more than NFL coaches. It’s not “wokeism” to have a basic moral compass
Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown 27 ditë më parë
I’ve been saying for years that Evert is pure evil. Now we know every college president is in the same league.
Eric Sweeden
Eric Sweeden 28 ditë më parë
People still honestly think these powerhouse teams like Alabama and Ohio State don’t pay these “student athletes !!!!! “😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Brandon Coffey
Brandon Coffey 24 ditë më parë
You buckeye's fan's don't need to be put word's about any sec school because day the nation found out first hand how squeaky clean you'll really are didn't we
R Vandy
R Vandy 27 ditë më parë
Went to Ohio State. Had football player roommates. Never saw anything like that. But I’m sure you are an expert with first hand information 😳
R Vandy
R Vandy 27 ditë më parë
Don’t even use Ohio States name with Alabama or any other SEC program. OSU is squeaky clean compared to them
dancz11 28 ditë më parë
Just do what Alabama has been doing. 🤷‍♂️
CJ Parallel
CJ Parallel 14 ditë më parë
Jack Lord
Jack Lord 24 ditë më parë
Stop it man.
First Last
First Last 28 ditë më parë
A lot of student athletes can barley read and write . They have tutors do their class work and yet they seem to think they are the most important people on campus if not the entire town . I have no faith in the Supreme court .
Steve 20 ditë më parë
You have never met a student athlete 💀💀💀
Caleb Daramola
Caleb Daramola 25 ditë më parë
That's just not true 😂
raider nation
raider nation 26 ditë më parë
They are. The MCAA makes billions off of these kids amd tye coaches and commissioners get tems of millions in salaries amd giant bonuses based on the kids performance.
SHANE 28 ditë më parë
NASCAR lesson.
busyrand 28 ditë më parë
As a former Division 1 Football Player who went to bed hungry, and got clowned by my friend because I was too poor to afford running shoes needed to train and had to wear worn down shoes that smelled bad. My coaches rode me hard about taking my major seriously and attending my labs and extra classes needed to do well in my field. I couldn't afford pizza, noodles, or anything the entire time I was at school. Football and my science major took up all the time I'd have for a job so I was stuck trying to stretch the $20-60 I was able to get from my mom during break, for a full semester... Football and Basketball revenues paid for all the other sports at my school, and drove fundraising for academics too.
Roscoe Green
Roscoe Green 28 ditë më parë
Football finances so many other sports played in these schools so why not compensate them in some way or let the other sports finance themselves like swimming , golf, tennis, lacrosse, wrestling.
busyrand 28 ditë më parë
I'd have killed for something as little as $20-40 a week so that I could get some Ramen Noodles, or Rice and Beans. Your sport eats up any time you would need to work a campus job, and you're doing just that as a representative of the university in an activity that can leave you injured for life. We aren't covered for injuries sustained during our time in college. I was so poor and hungry it made me depressed, while knowing that our Football and Basketball Team subsidized all the other sports there. All of us athletes were broke, and many of us didn't have an extra set of running shoes outside of the ones you are given for practice [Football Cleats in my case], which are unwearable off the field. I had to train in the only pair of cross trainers I had but also needed to wear as my only shoes. I don't know how I survived the depression, angst, and isolation the of the lifestyle coupled with the time commitments for a STEM degree. Bless any athletes current/former reading this. You earned everything you have, and don't let anyone tell you anything different.
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 28 ditë më parë
When I was in college my roommate was a music major, full ride scholarship. He was an incredible piano player. He played at all kinds of school events including fundraisers. He also played at Carnegie Hall and did pay gigs all the time. Sold of ton of cd's to make some extra cash. Student athletes are literally the only members of a campus forbidden from making money on their talents. And it is because the NCAA and schools have no interest in sharing the vast amounts of profit they pull in. The NCAA as an entity made 1.18 billion in 2019. Most of that from the massive TV deals they have. And listening to coaches talk about amateurism when they make 5 mil a year to coach a sports team is total BS. It is a business for everyone but the players.
CJ Parallel
CJ Parallel 13 ditë më parë
@tyrone sanford That isn't payment. For starters, Universities save money by requiring out of state athletes, after completing their first year to become state residents. The difference from that money saved alone by the universities should go to the athletes. You obviously don't know what you are talking about here. You shouldn't speak on this topic.
tyrone sanford
tyrone sanford 14 ditë më parë
@CJ Parallel they r getting paid,call full scholarship.
CJ Parallel
CJ Parallel 14 ditë më parë
@tyrone sanford when you went to college did you know students that worked at the University? I did, and they called them student workers. College athletes are exactly that. They only difference is that the college athletes don't get paid by the universities for their labour which happens to bring in 100 millions and billions of dollars. Please understand the game, aka the business of college sports better.
the truth will set you free
the truth will set you free 17 ditë më parë
@Allen Knott I can literally put links and list dozens of cases of rules penalties and laws and systems put up specifically for black athletes
Allen Knott
Allen Knott 17 ditë më parë
@the truth will set you free Clearly you are racist. Second, the rules are designed to keep all athletes down, not just black ones even those black men do make up the bulk of the athletes. Regardless, two wrongs do not make a right.
tyrone sanford
tyrone sanford 29 ditë më parë
Complaining is just human nature.
tyrone sanford
tyrone sanford 26 ditë më parë
@mauricio krebs College guy
mauricio krebs
mauricio krebs 26 ditë më parë
working for compensation is also human nature
R Vandy
R Vandy 29 ditë më parë
College football has officially become the AAA farmer league for the NFL. The NCAA has become irrelevant...... finally
Paul Blair
Paul Blair 18 ditë më parë
It was already the farm league before. Now, at least the players can get a share of the profits they generate.
Royce Burks
Royce Burks 29 ditë më parë
Man it's a wicked web they weave how do you determine who gets what 1st of all bow much do you give a one and done player do you pay a kid for staying for 4 years and what about smaller schools our less popular sports we all know big sports pay 4 little sports and what about the new stars the geeks do you recruit them with the same pursuit that you do a top flight athlete all I see in the future is kids taking dives refs taking dives and welcome back organized crime / shady people hanging around your program giving kids /students gifts that they probably will black mail later but you already know the penalty for cheating in collegiate sports you go to the second round slaps on the wrist everywhere .p.s. they just caught rich parents paying their children way in top flight schools now you telling me they are not paying student athletes
Jack Coolidge
Jack Coolidge Muaj më parë
Paying players to play would ruin college sports. Smaller schools would cut programs and it would even get rid of some of the largest programs that can’t compete. It would lead to fewer players getting opportunities and the nfl will suffer as a trickle down.
Jack Coolidge
Jack Coolidge 18 ditë më parë
@Paul Blair tell that to all the players that are fine with the system now that just want a chance to play some ball and get to the next level. Once again a bunch of decisions by non athletes will affect the athletes. Being able to profit off of your name and likeness is a huge difference from paying players directly.
Paul Blair
Paul Blair 18 ditë më parë
It *should* ruin college sports, as it is. College sports right now is an illegal racket.
Greg Gergen
Greg Gergen Muaj më parë
I disagree, I loved the NCAA division 1AA football this Spring. It would not ruin college sports, it would reveal the "Professional Sports" for what they are and return the others to their amateur status.
D22 Williams.22
D22 Williams.22 Muaj më parë
The NCAA is a multi-billion dollar television marketing monopoly.
D22 Williams.22
D22 Williams.22 Muaj më parë
Let the filthy rich boosters pay the players. That system worked fine for 100 years.
J M 20 ditë më parë
@lorne daley don’t accept it then & dont play since it’s so hard. 🥺 problem solved.
J M 20 ditë më parë
@lorne daley whaaaaaa cry more
lorne daley
lorne daley 20 ditë më parë
@J M Scholarships that require them to devote over 40 hours a week to football, only choose courses that fit the football schedule and can be ended at anytime the coach wants to - all to make coaches and school administrators millions.
Jack Coolidge
Jack Coolidge 23 ditë më parë
@Robert D that’s all well and good but how about the many thousands of players that are fine with just getting the opportunity to play football in college and get exposure for a chance at getting a scholarship that then go on to make millions. These players won’t get the chance because they’re event good enough coming out of high school. We are just removing opportunities for these kids. Thinking these kids are being exploited is ridiculous. They can receive sponsorships because that makes perfect sense that they can’t have their face and likeness used but if they think they’re being exploited why are there so many people begging to take their place.
J M 24 ditë më parë
@RedT you’re not taking into account paying staff. They should all take big payouts? The facilities cost money too for upkeep, maintenance, food, etc. you act like everything is just free & everyone should just volunteer. Such an idiotic argument. Oh just lay everyone based on how much revenue, so women get nothing. I’m sure that’ll fly with everyone lol 😂
Philippines -  Cheeks
Philippines - Cheeks Muaj më parë
Paul F is a JOKE
Paul Paedobum is more like it. Does this guy look creepy or what?
anondescriptobserver Muaj më parë
No NCAA means all sorts of things are on the table. Players may not be even required to take classes. If they aren't, they are not subject to Title IX, they are instead covered by federal and state labor laws. Contracts could replace letters of intent, agents may gain influence in high school football. Recruiting dead periods are gone, contact restrictions are lifted. The NCAA even sets the playing rules of the sport, without the NCAA there is the risk of losing a uniform standard between conferences. The SEC and Big Ten may end adopting different catch rules or instant replay procedures, as examples.
KBowWow75 Muaj më parë
Yet only 2 Justices had an opinion on Texas v. Pennsylvania. What a sad state our country is in.
Kevin Brasher
Kevin Brasher Muaj më parë
Don’t these players get free tuition. Room-board, meals, school fees, access to the best health care, etc…. All that will exceed 6 figures particularly for out of state players.
leodesgarçons 22 ditë më parë
The percentage of kids that get *free tuition, *room and board paid for, and *meals paid for are extremely small (
Jack Lord
Jack Lord 24 ditë më parë
Nothing's free. If it was free, why wasn't you playing? Why isn't your kids playing? Those kids work for everything. A Scholarship is year to year. You have to make the team every spring.
RedT 25 ditë më parë
@Trevor C 25 million? There’s only 53 players on the active roster lmaoo. You can’t pay the kids 80-100k each? We’re only talking 4-5 million to the players in that scenario. Coaches make 5 million. They sure find the money for that! Also the other sports fund themselves. The NCAA made 18.9 Billion dollars across ALL sports in 2019. Power 5 football only accounted for 2.9 billion of that. You mean to tell me they can take 10-20 % of that revenue and distribute amongst the players? Nonsense. We’re not talking millions of dollars here. We’re talking a decent minor league salary around 100k.
raider nation
raider nation 26 ditë më parë
@Trevor C they dont seem to have a money shortage when it comes to paying coaches millions in salary
Maal7 28 ditë më parë
All of them don’t get full tuition. Don’t let that bs fool you.
Mo Vo
Mo Vo Muaj më parë
College became corrupt just like everything in usa. All sports will be effected. Ticket prices, TV costs too
raider nation
raider nation 26 ditë më parë
It was already corrupt.
Maal7 28 ditë më parë
@Paul Jones Right? Lol
Paul Jones
Paul Jones 28 ditë më parë
It wasn’t already corrupt?
J M Muaj më parë
Colleges will have no choice but to eliminate a bunch of sports.
Number 1 Jaguars Fan AKA Number 1 Dame Lillard Fan
So I’m a bit confused. Can someone dummy down the whole situation and explain it to me
Hanoj Carter
Hanoj Carter 25 ditë më parë
@Dave Steller i was an all American at two different NCAA Division 1 programs …(this is my real name feel free to google and fact check).. after graduating i worked in NCAA compliance. They handle Title IX and basically finances of scholarship athletes. A little trade secret that nobody knows.. it doesn’t cost the NCAA or University 1 penny to have a full scholarship athlete on campus. There is no money or checks exchanged between the NCAA and a University. What happens is student athletes with any type of NCAA aid are not charged at all. Like period. You basically are just there. Unlike winning a scholarship from a hospital or food franchise that will have to send whatever school you choose a check, student athletes on NCAA aid are just pushed through the system and their accounts are 0’d out by the financial and compliance department
Michael Barnett
Michael Barnett 26 ditë më parë
@Mark Garcia Not slavery. Nobody is making them play…
J M 29 ditë më parë
@Mark Garcia yea & when you do the math each player will get about $2,500 a year cash. Congrats guys all that crying for a couple grand.
Chandler White
Chandler White Muaj më parë
@Mark Garcia So only black players have athletic scholarships ??? 🙄🙄🙄🙄
Robert D
Robert D Muaj më parë
@Mark Garcia No that's ridiculous. Please don't water down the term slavery by equating it to a job that doesn't pay well and that you don't have to do. Players can work on their grades so better schools with much more expensive tuition will offer them scholarships. Except those schools aren't usually the powerhouses that provide the opportunity for you to jump from 3 years of internship to a multimillion contract your first day of the job. What other profession offers that?
Becky Black
Becky Black Muaj më parë
I would rather see 8 or 12. But I do believe we need an expansion.
White Van
White Van Muaj më parë
Finebaum is promoting slavery.
Avery Hawkins
Avery Hawkins Muaj më parë
Who wants the 12 man playoff?
Maal7 28 ditë më parë
I prefer 8, but I’ll take 12. Beggars can’t be choosy.
Robert D
Robert D 29 ditë më parë
@Courtney Taylor Has to be 8 so nobody has to play an extra game. We'd never hear the end of it when those lower seed teams didn't win the championship
Number 1 Jaguars Fan AKA Number 1 Dame Lillard Fan
@Courtney Taylor So basically you’re saying that there’s no possible way any team could upset a 4 and above seed
Courtney Taylor
Courtney Taylor 29 ditë më parë
6 teams is enough. Do no expand pass that. Even with expansion. No team pass a 4seed would ever win it. Its not college basketball. There are no Cinderella stories to be had in college football.
Robert D
Robert D Muaj më parë
Not me. 12 men playing football would be weird.
Jacob Watson
Jacob Watson Muaj më parë
Bank of Werner
Bank of Werner 23 ditë më parë
QuickClickNick Then, tell me what the alternative is when the NCAA has a de facto monopoly in most sports.
Rick Harris
Rick Harris 27 ditë më parë
@Michael R Likewise, students in school aren't making their real incomes until they graduate, and earn their keep. I agree NCAA is making millions on them, but doesn't mean I feel sorry for student athletes. Not at all.
Michael R
Michael R 27 ditë më parë
@Rick Harris you have a point that the students are debt slaves but the players are opportunity slaves in that their only opportunity to get rich in the NFL is to get robbed of 3 years of income. The NFL is just as complicit in this.
Rick Harris
Rick Harris 27 ditë më parë
Free education isn't slavery. The slaves are the kids who aren't talented at sports, aren't elite test takers to get full ride scholarships, and are forced to borrow money at interest to pay their tuition. THOSE people are the true slaves---to a lifetime of debt. Gimme a break, Jake.
Michael R
Michael R 29 ditë më parë
@QuickClickNick there were multiple types of slavery throughout history, not just corporate American slavery
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