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Heather Dinich on the commissioners' meeting about the 12-team CFP | The Paul Finebaum Show 

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Devante Prince
Devante Prince 2 ditë më parë
I miss college football
David Lard
David Lard 2 ditë më parë
They don't go to school anyway. They will be just minor league professional football players. The NFL which is about to fail for their politics involved should pay the colleges and their players.
Robert D
Robert D Muaj më parë
So if I have this right, the Supreme Court ruling basically just makes it easier to prevail if a college athlete sues for compensation.
Christopher Foote
Christopher Foote Muaj më parë
Double elimination bracket with teams already positioned in CFP.
JOHN TUI Muaj më parë
A big focus should focus on the students athletes!!! Everyone worry n concern about their profits n loss interest but, don’t care about the athletes
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Buta - Posht / Nalt
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